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  We work directly with the leading factories in Spain, Italy, Turkey and China more than 15 years, and are ready to carry out a direct supply from the manufacturer at the customer's facility. That is, work without intermediaries, and can offer the most reasonable prices. We also offer full range of services for the design and implementation of projects of any purpose and the level of private and contract according to the customer's wishes

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 We provide logistics, control of transportation and delivery of materials according to the construction schedule. If it is desired by the customer  we organize joint visits to the factory to carry out the selection of furniture, lighting, decoration and other things. We supply materials from Italy, Spain and China to:

• Major construction projects,

• shopping and entertainment complexes,

• Residential and cottage complexes,

• hotel complexes, restaurants and so forth.

• Medical institutions, airports, other      specialized facilities

• VIP residences, town houses and  apartments.



  The list of materials in the design direction of  the format:

• Ceramic tile and granite; Stairs of granite for  interior  and exterior

• Porcelain tiles and natural stone for the  facade  structures, ventilated facades

• Natural stone for decoration of public  buildings,  shopping and entertainment  centers, private luxury  residences

• Clinker facade, clinker brick, clinker stage  for the  interior and exterior;

• Mosaic marble and glass for swimming  pools, sports complexes, hammam and spa

• Decorative panels for an individual project.

• Glue, grouting and auxiliary materials  for l  aying tile and natural stone

• Natural stone and natural stone products;

• Granite (pavers) to furnish terraces

• Small architectural forms made of granite  and marble;

• Furniture for private residences, luxury  apartments, country cottages, seaside  chalet,  terraces

• Furniture for hotel complexes, restaurants,  bars, business cents, entertainment centers

• Lighting and Home Lighting Design

• Doors and glass enclosure

• Plumbing, showers, baths, spas, mixer taps  and accessories, bathroom furniture.

You have a project and you need defined product group? We know where to get, we know how to bring it. Any materials for decoration and furniture and lighting. All for an integrated approach to design solutions​

     Boris Hilferding, Head of Logistics

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